PVC windows and frames

Artful windows

A complete range of PVC windows that differ in features and design, but accumulated by a single goal: to ensure maximum satisfaction to those who choose WnD products.

Numerous finishes and a multitude of accessories will allow you to perfectly adapt the windows to the style of their interiors, ensuring the perfect blend of elegance and energy savings.

Endurance and energy conservation

PVC is an extremely durable material with great insulating capabilities, capable of maintaining its properties for several years without any need for maintenance. A simple and periodic cleaning is sufficient to best preserve its appearance and functionality over time. It is no coincidence that all our windows boast a 10-year warranty, proving their high quality and absolute reliability.

Taking full advantage of the characteristics of PVC, the different models of WnD windows ensure proper thermal insulation even in extreme weather conditions to ensure the ideal window frame for your needs.