Wood windows


Legno laccato o naturale

Why wooden window frames?

Wood is a very durable material in a wide range of essences, each with different characteristics, suits a wide variety of living needs. Its durability is high.

It saves money and has the best thermal insulation properties.

  • More insulating than aluminum and PVC.
  • Painting, with the use of water-based paints, has finally lost its characteristic as the “weak” point of the window frame.
  • It is cool and warm: it has low thermal conductivity, which allows windows and doors to maintain the room temperature, compared to other materials, resulting in warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Wood is a recyclable and renewable, natural non-polluting raw material; it is a valuable and naturally beautiful element that enhances the perceived quality in the environment in which it is placed.
  • Whether modern or traditional, lacquered or natural, it is undeniable that it adds value and personality to any environment, adapting to any design requirement and any context.